Introduction to Pickleball Classes

To promote this wonderful sport of pickleball to all our neighbors, the SCC Pickleball Club offers Introduction to Pickleball lessons to all SCC Community Association members. Our classes are given every Tuesday and Friday from 1-3 PM over a 6-week period starting in mid-October and ending in mid-May. Each six-week session is made of a total of 12, 2-hour classes. At the end of six weeks, you’ll graduate and be able to confidently play with your friends and make new friends with other members of the club.

2024-25 Introduction to Pickleball Sessions

There are no scheduled classes during the summer months. The next sessions will start in the fall of 2024 and run through the spring of 2025. The specific dates of the classes will be posted in mid-August 2024. Since 2023, we have asked for a $5 per person sign-up fee for students who are not yet members of the SCC Pickleball Club. Please bring your check made out to SCCPBC. If you choose to join the club, this $5 will be used towards the $27 yearly membership fee. Enrollment will start at the end of August. We use the “SignUp Genius” application/website for signing up. In addition to having the link on this website, a notice will be printed in the Observer and in the SCC newspaper (delivered via Post Office mail). Enrollment is on a “first come” basis.

Even though pickleball is a fun and easy-to-learn game, it is a physical sport and requires a certain amount of movement and stamina. That being the case, please take into consideration your personal well-being before signing up. We recommend that you look at this little self-evaluation survey (shown below) to make an educated decision. You’re also invited to come to the courts behind the Community Hall on South Pebble Beach during morning club hours (7:00-11:00AM) to watch our members in action.

Click on the SignUp Genius link to register for Introduction to Pickleball classes.

Student Self Evaluation and Disclaimer for SCC "Introduction to Pickleball" Classes

Pickleball is an aerobic sport that requires running spurts over a 15-to-20-minute game. Can you run?

Pickleball requires a player to bend their knees in the execution of skill shots. Can you bend your knees often?

Are you free from any surgeries, injuries or illnesses that would prevent you from participating in a rigorous activity?

Is your vision good and able to determine ball movement, depth perception and allow you to hit a moving ball?

Pickleball is a physically active sport. Have you been recently active in some sport or activity? This will allow you to comfortably endure the physical workload of pickleball.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you might not be ready to join our “two times a week over six weeks” program. Please be honest with yourself. If you are not sure, please first check with your doctor.